Mission Statement

The Global Conscience Initiative seeks to address and improve Cameroon’s most pressing human rights issues: chiefly, corruption, abuse of prisoners’ rights, gender inequality, civil liberty deficiencies, and lack of access to efficient and effective justice. Whereby promoting and protecting the human rights and freedoms enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, GCI strives to participate in the construction of a strong global conscience, through which the citizens of Cameroon can work together to advance all human rights.

Based on the belief that lasting peace must come from within a people and their own culture, GCI focuses on working with individual citizens as well as the media, government bodies, local councils, law enforcement and judicial systems. By encouraging and empowering the public to play an active role in supporting peace and development, GCI strives to help strengthen the communities with which it works. Through this, GCI facilitates the creation of networks of conscientious organisations and individuals who work together to promote democracy and human rights.

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