CAM’s Update 19/11/12: New Arrivals

The past month has seen a flurry of activity from GCI, specifically on the CAM project. First of we have the pleasure of welcoming two new international interns to the team. Max Perry-Wilson, from the UK, and Jessica Russell, from Canada, will both be working on the CAM project for a duration of 6 months. Since their arrival they have successfully conducted workshops in two local communities: Mofako Bekondo and Bombe Bakundu.


 CAM’s team with Mofako Bekondo’s Traditional Council

 The workshops were part of the new CAM series of ‘Sensitisation Workshops’ that aim to summarise the key themes that GCI promotes across a two hour period, and introduce or refresh communities to the larger CAM’s curriculum.Coinciding with our new arrivals is the opening of the new intern flat! Watch this space for photos.

The CAM project has also been undergoing a period of renewal and restructuring before a planned expansion next year. Everything is now set up to enter 2013, and GCI is optimistic that it can achieve its goals.Finally GCI would like to apologise for the technical difficulties that have occurred on the website over the past month. We hope that this issue is now behind us and we can continue to keep you updated with all of our work.