CAM’s Update

Here are the updates from this week’s CAM’s trip to Mofako Bekondo:

Traditional Council- Administrative Functions: GCI staff members Tessa and Njume sat down with the Chairman of the Traditional Council and held meeting about the duties of his position. They emphasized his leadership role both as the moderator of Council discussion and the representative of the Council to the outside world. In the past, rowdiness and lack of effective leadership have been impediments to successful mediation on the Council. In addition to directives from the chief, GCI has sought to rectify this problem through one-on-one discussions with the Council executives. So far, GCI has noticed a decrease in rowdiness on the part of the Councilors; combined with leadership improvements on the Chairman’s part, GCI hopes to further improve administrative functions and Councilor conduct.
Mob Justice: Tessa hopes to hold a discussion session with the vigilante group at their Saturday meeting in order to move forward with the anti-mob justice initiative. This discussion session is vital for GCI to create workshops and proactive activities that will help eliminate mob justice and further train the vigilante group in security techniques that respect human rights.
Gender Equality: Daniella met with the executives of the Women’s Traditional Council to finalize the schedule for the gender equality workshops, which will be given to the Women’s Traditional Council, Gentlewomen Social Group, General Assembly of Mofako Women and Girls, and the Traditional Council respectively throughout the month of November. Daniella also met with Chief Ekumbe to lay the groundwork for the nomination of new women to the traditional council.
Traditional Council- Mediation: Over the last week, Minet has put the finishing touches on the mediation refresher workshops. During the Mofako visit, Ebenezer finalized the schedule for the workshops, which will also be carried out in the month of November.

GCI looks forward to the new round of workshops during the coming month and, as always, is excited and grateful for its partnership with the community of Mofako Bekondo.