This was the theme of the celebration of the 65th Anniversary celebration of the Human Rights Day. Global Conscience Initiative as an annual tradition mobilized the entire Meme Division for this celebration on Tuesday 10th December 2013. The event that took place at the City Council Hall in Kumba, kicked off at about 12:30 PM with about 100 participants taking part in the ceremony. This include diverse works of people, students, Human Rights advocates, workers, government administrators and representative of other NGOs.

The event began with an opening prayer from one of the participants who was called upon by the MC of the day Mr. Elonge Luke from the Revelation Law Chambers. The MC called on some individuals to sit on the high table to pilot the deliberations. The celebration characterized by speeches from many of those of the “high table”. Mr. Clifford Anthiero who represented the Meme Human Rights Advocates Association gave the welcome address. He welcome all those present and thanked them of the enormous sacrifices they are making concerning the promotion and protection of human rights in this division. He elaborated on the theme of the day “20 years of working for your rights”.

We had other speakers who presented their speeches from the representative of the Cameroon Football Development Cameroon (CFDP) Kumba which is a partner organization of Global Conscience represented by its country Director Mr. Diony Collins.  The staff of GCI represented by Ngoasong and Charlotte also presented to the public some of the activities and programs that GCI promotes. The delegate of Youths Affairs was also represented alongside the Director in charge of youth’s affairs that represented the administration in the event.

The speeches were spiced by a drama and poems from the students of the Youths Empowerment Centre and the Presbyterian High School Kumba. These students thrilled the participants with messages that go to condemn some practices that are common in the society in violation of Human rights. It was really an exciting moments as the young people proved their awareness in this disturbing situation of the society.

One of the most important phase of the celebration was when the floor was opened for members of the public to ask questions or make their own contributions concerning human rights in this community and Cameroon. The human rights advocates and the members of the administration responded to some of these questions to the best of their knowledge. Members of the public seized this opportunity to voice out some vexing issues in the areas of human rights that have to be taken into serious consideration. Concerns like Child Labour, budget for the prisons, Legal aids, public investment Budget (MINPAT), discrimination etc. The responses were satisfactory and many went back home happy to have had an opportunity to express their worries.

The event ended with a satisfactory note from the Executive Director of Global Conscience Initiative, Mr. Ntebo Ebenezer Awungafac who in his closing remarks thanked all who have caused the event a success. He cited the various activities that has taken place for one week in the commemoration of this Human rights day. Activities like the Radio Shows, Human Rights Fair, Visits to the Administration, Sensitization, Drinks and Dialogue, Movie Night etc. were all there to create awareness in the community on Human rights. He also thanked all those who respected the invitations but frowned on those important persons who are always absent in such an important event to improve on the lives of humanity. He sounded categorically clear that GCI will be coming up with policies and programs that will not negotiate any interest of an individual against human rights. He finally called on all to join hands and cause this dream to become a reality in our society.

The ceremony ended with picture time and interviews from the different media houses that were present to cover the event like the Lake Site Radio, Calvary Good news radio, Ocean City Radio, STV who did their best to make this event a memorable one.