Culturewatch: Mofako Bekondo

RSCN0022Last month, GCI was kindly invited to the 39th Development and Cultural Jamboree at Mofako Bekondo, an annual cultural gathering of the Mbonge Tribe in Mbonge sub-division. Hundreds of people attended the event under the heavy sun and enjoyed dances, chants and speeches. We at GCI had the pleasure to listen to many talented singers (including the Angels Singers of Mofako Bekondo who sang the national anthem in the Mbonge language) and to observe some traditional dances. A fundraising drive was then initiated and almost 6 million CFA was raised, showing that local fundraising techniques are hugely efficient. This money will go towards several development projects in the local communities, many of which are in dire need of pipe borne water, electricity and roads. After the reading of resolutions and some closing remarks by the President of the Mbonge Cultural and Development Organisation (MCDO), a cow’s head was given to the chief of the village that will be hosting the event next year, symbolising the passing of the event to the next bearer. The event culminated in a huge feast. We had the chance to be invited to the Chiefs’ banquet where, joined by a room full of big men, the GCI team indulged in a variety of tasty Cameroonian dishes and beverages. GCI extends our thanks to Chief Thomson Itoe for the invitation, the different animations and the exquisite food

About the Mbonge Tribe:

The Mbonge Tribe is spread over Mbonge land in 44 villages across Konye and Mbonge sub-divisions of the Meme Division in the Southwest region of Cameroon.

Subsistence and cash crop farming are the predominant economic activities of the people making the Mbonge land the “Bread Basket” of Meme Division in particular and the Southwest Region in general. The Mbonge tribe is the most populous indigenous tribe in Meme Division.

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