GCI Buea Office Now Open!

Global Conscience Initiative now operates a new office in suite 9 of the Fako Ship Plaza Buea. The office opened up to the public last June and has been receiving lots of visitors eager to make a contribution to our work. GCI runs two programmes in the new office:
The Prisoner’s Rights Defense Programme and
The Centres for Arbitration and Mediation.

GCI CEO is personally supervising work in the new office and has two volunteer office assistants: Elad Theodore and Chomanga Blaise working with him. He is also assisted by interns:

Jordan Pearlstein from USA (CAMs)
Francesco Frigerio from Italy (Prison Project)
Rix Ben fron the UK (CAMs) and
Tiffany Hu from Canada (Prisons)

GCI is already working on the Buea prisons with untried prisoners and has filed writs of habeas corpus on a number of cases of illegally detained prisoners. GCI enjoys a good working relationship with prison authorities and support from the legal department and the office of the Attorney General for the Southwest Region.

In the CAMs, Jordan Pearlstein from Tufts University in the US has made major inroads into five communities in and around Buea and will be conducting trainings for Community/village councilors in the weeks ahead. Rix Ben from the UK recently joined Jordan and they plan to come up with a longterm programme for the Centres for Arbitration and Mediation before the end of their summer internship.

Meanwhile, GCI has already done all the groundworks for the kick off of the Media Watch Project in Buea. Three international intern:
Giorgio Alan Franco (Italy)
Heather Mckinnon (Australia) and
Michele Sanna are presently working in Kumba and should start doing surveys in Buea in August.

Please come to our office now and at anytime and we will be glad to discuss our work with you.