GCI Celebrates International UDHR Day With Human Rights Week

Each year, December 10th marks the birthday of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. GCI considers this document to be a source of guidance and inspiration in its work, so the organization decided to celebrate its 63rd anniversary with a Human Rights Week Celebration. GCI carried out the following activities in commemoration of the event:

Monday, December 5: Journalists, human rights activists, and female social advocates gathered together at Azi Motel to screen the award-winning 2008 documentary “Pray the Devil Back to Hell.” The movie told the story of the female peace movement in Liberia that helped successfully end the country’s 14-year civil war in 2003. All participants were moved and inspired by the movie. After the credits rolled, all participants engaged in a power discussion about the importance of women in politics and peacekeeping.

Tuesday, December 6: GCI conducted public relations and sensitization visits to Kumba’s city councils, gendarme and police stations, court offices, and local NGO’s. In the evening, GCI devoted its Human Rights Hour radio show to explaining the UDHR to the public, fielding calls from listeners asking questions about human rights.

Wednesday, December 7: GCI held an open office day for the Kumba public to drop by and ask questions about human rights and the work of the organization. GCI also promoted Human Rights Week and GCI’s CAM’s Project on Ocean City Radio.

Thursday, December 8: GCI held another open office day during work hours. In the evening, GCI held a Drinks ‘n’ Dialogue event at a local bar, inviting journalists, human rights activists, and other interested members of the public to come and discuss corruption in Cameroon. GCI had a nice turnout that produced meaningful and constructive dialogue about corruption in addition to presenting solutions to the country-wide problem.

Friday, December 9: This day marked the formal celebration of the UDHR at the Kumba City Banquet Hall. Human rights workers, journalists, public officials, and other members of the public gathered to commemorate the Universal Declaration. Speeches were given by GCI Chairman of the Board Barrister Pende E. Nelson, international intern Daniella Montemarano, and Chief Ekumbe of Mofako Bekondo. The event also featured a distribution of human rights publications and materials and a human rights paper presentation by GCI Board Member Barrister Ngenko Daniel.

Saturday, December 10: Human Rights Week concluded with a big celebration in the CAM’s Partner Village, Mofako Bekondo. The celebration also served as the official conclusion of GCI’s work in Mofako for 2011. Each speaker, from Chief Ekumbe to the Chairman of the Traditional Council, to Mami Secretary of the Women’s Council, expressed their thanks to GCI and their enthusiastic commitment to adhering to principles of human rights and good governance. The event concluded with drinks, refreshments, and dancing from all attendees.

GCI would like to thank all sponsors, volunteers, attendees, and other individuals who made this week possible. We are indebted to your support and commitment to upholding and promoting human rights!