GCI Reports: Another Youth Dies in Prison Cell

A 27-year-old man died in the Limbe Police cell on July 16, 2006, and was abandoned in the Limbe Provincioal hospital mortuary. Limbe police shot and arrested the alleged armed robber, Fuh Nestor, during a shoot- out in Bota – Limbe last July 7, and the bandit-suspect was abandoned in the police cell until he died. It is not clear if the youth died from the bullet wounds. A medic who reportedly conducted an authopsy on the cardavar said he could only give his findings to the Commissioner of police in Limbe who ordered for the autopsy.

Samba Churchill, the CEO of the Global Conscience Initiative, has contacted the Senior State Counsel of Limbe, who said he was not aware of the situation until the family of the deceased had contacted him on the directions of Global Conscience Initiative. He, however, advised the family to carry away for burial the decomposing body of Mr. Fuh or get another doctor to do an autopsy if they doubted the report of the Limbe Provicial hospital expert.

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Fuh was in police custody with a bullet in his body for about two weeks without the knowledge of the state counsel who is suppose to checking the cells regularly”, said Mr. Churchill. “I think the police must take the responsibility for Mr. fuh’s death, and the state must take severe measures to sanction this kind of gross irresponsible attitude by our forces”.

Mr. Fuh’s is the second case of death in police custody in the South West Province in about two months