GCI Reports: Kumba Gendarmes Continue to Detain Suspect After Ten Days

On August 19, gendarmes in Kumba raided the home of one Tebe Valentine at 4.00 a.m and, without any warrants, searched his home before whisking him to their station and dumping him in their cell. The gendarmes recorded a statement from the suspect only five days after his arrest and demanded FCFA 50.000 as a precodition to releasing the man on bail.

GCI petitioned the Senior State Counsel of Kumba on August 28, but the prosecutor only referred the complaint to the same gendarmerie station to investigate the matter and forward the same to him in the form of a case file.

GCI Volunteer, Ngala Elvis Tawe who is following up the matter, said that the gendarmerie Commandent, after receiving the letter from the Senior State Counsel summoned the investigator in the matter and requested the file of Mr. Tebe, but the officer had not even registered his detention.

The Commandent however asked Mr. Elvis to go and wait, chiding Global Conscience for not first coming to him before proceeding to the Senior prosecutor. Mr. Tebe is however still in the gendarmerie cell.