GCI Successfully Restarts Human Rights Hour

In 2008, Global Conscience Initiative started a radio partnership with Ocean City Radio 88.5 FM (opposite the market). Each week from 2008 through early 2010, GCI broadcasted its Human Rights Hour show, delivering segments on prisoners’ rights, HIV/AIDS, and human rights through journalism. However, when the organization scaled back its programmes in 2010 following the death of former CEO Samba Churchill, Human Rights Hour was put on hold indefinitely.

Last week, after a series of renegotiations with Ocean City Radio, GCI has returned to the airwaves by resurrecting Human Rights Hour. On Tuesday, November 15, Minet, Tessa, and Daniella met up with RJ Mary Louise on air and officially relaunched the show. Daniella and Tessa reintroduced GCI and its current programmes, while Minet followed by promoting the upcoming Human Rights Week on December 4-10.

This week, Daniella and Tessa spoke on the show about Personal Mediation, or mediating conflicts one-on-one without the direct intervention of a third party. The girls were delighted to receive several callers who phoned in their personal conflicts with the hopes of getting first-hand advice from Tessa, Daniella, and Mary Louise. Yet, by far the biggest surprise was the feedback from residents of Mofako Bekondo, who listened to the show and enjoyed the girls’ statements on peacefully resolving your own conflicts.

GCI will be recording each show and posting it online on its Human Rights Hour webpage. Keep checking back each week!