International Internships

This page contains information for international interns. Interns from Cameroon should see the Internships for Cameroonian University Students page.

Since GCI’s birth in 2007, international interns have played a vital role in the functioning and development of the organization and its programmes. Driven by their passion for human rights, interns come to GCI each year from around the world to contribute their diverse skills in law, international development, fundraising, communications, education, and mediation training. Our international interns work directly with GCI staff to develop and implement our projects and initiatives. Given the importance of interns to the organization, GCI welcomes applications from different work and educational backgrounds in accordance to the current needs of the organizaition; please refer to the internship postings for guidelines to the requirements for our different programmes.

An internship with us is a great chance to expand your skills, apply your education, and work directly in the field of African politics and human rights. Yet, it is an even greater opportunity to learn from from the vast experiences of our Cameroonian staff members and the constituents/beneficiaries of the organization.

Basic Requirements for International Interns:

  • Ability to work independently within a team and to drive projects forward with minimal supervision
  • Ability and motivation to contribute effectively to both the organization’s field work and office responsibilities (both are vital to GCI’s success)
  • A general understanding of human rights and the desire to learn more
  • Willingness to familiarize oneself with all documents relating to the past work of the intern’s particular project
  • Adherence to the confidentiality of sensitive information pertaining to GCI’s work
  • Respect for the copyright nature of all written documents prepared by interns, all of which shall be the property of Global Conscience Initiative
  • Fluency in spoken and written English
  • Computer literacy.

GCI Testimonial: International Internships

“Interning with GCI was a wonderful experience. From day one the staff treated me as a valuable asset to their team. Everyone we met in the villages knew GCI and respected the work the organization has been doing in South West Cameroon. As a GCI intern, I was immediately welcomed and accepted in the villages and was therefore able to have in-depth conversations with Cameroonians about their lives and perspective on their country. I learned more in three months in Cameroon than I could have imagined. The experience with applied conflict resolution that I garnered here will certainly enrich my education and career as I go forward. I would recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in truly understanding how peace is maintained in everyday life in an African country.”

-Catherine Broussard (April 2011)

School of International Service, American University
Candidate for Master’s in International Peace and Conflict Resolution, 2013

Current International Internship Positions
Click on the following links to view our open internship positions:

GCI International Internship Fee:

As a small, local NGO, Global Conscience Initiative charges a nominal fee for international internships for better facilitation, coordination, supervision, and effectiveness. Internship prices vary depending on the length of the internship and additional services requested. The internship fees listed below includes the cost of housing and work-based transportation.

Interns shall be responsible for their insurance and visa applications. Global Conscience Initiative will assist with a confirmation or visa letter to facilitate the application process. The internship fee will need to be paid the next day upon arrival due to the necessary immediate logistical arrangements, accomodation, and transportation of the intern from the Douala International airport to Kumba.

We encourage internships that last three months or longer so that interns have enough time to adjust to Kumba and to understand the work and context of GCI and the CAM’s Project. We often have interns who stay from six months to a year, since the Project requires consistency and continuous work.

We offer the following fee packages for international interns:

Internship Programme

1-4 weeks

5-8 weeks   8-12 weeks Price per time after 12 weeks
CAM’s Intern–  Field Worker Position in Conflict Resolution  300,000 CFA 500,000 CFA 650,000 CFA 150,000 CFA per each additional month
PRP Intern- Field Worker Position in Human Rights Violations 300,000 CFA 500,000
650,000 CFA 150,000 CFA per each additional month