CAM’s Internship

As an intern with GCI- you will have the opportunity to work as a vital member of a small team to implement the CAMs Model of locally-focused, grassroots peacebuilding in villages in the Mbonge subregion of Southwestern Cameroon. You will work intimately with issues of Judicial Transparency, Mediation, Gender Equality, and Mob Justice– with the possibility of developing and leading your own initiative! Interns are involved in all aspects of the organization, including development, administrative duties, fundraising, and fieldwork in the villages. Administrative duties are generally less than 20% of an interns work-load– the vast majority of your work will be developing the CAMs project and implementing it in the field.

Mandatory Qualifications and Qualities:

Strong Written Communication
Fluency in English
Willingness to learn Cameroonian Pidgin
Strong leadership skills
Cross-cultural experience and sensitivity
Creative problem solving
Ability to self-direct and take initiative
Experience working with project development and implementation
Working towards B.A. or higher in PoliSci, Development, Law, International Relations, Anthropology, Conflict Resolution, or related field.

Desired Qualifications and Qualities:

Developing World Experience
Fundraising/ Grant-Writing experience

How to Apply

Please send the following to with the subject line “CAM’s Internship.”

1. A Letter of Motivation

Please repond to the following questions:

Why do you want to intern with GCI?
Which project do you wish to join? Why?
What specific skills and experience will you bring to this project and to GCI?
What previous experience have you had working in developing nations?
Do you plan to conduct your own research in fulfillment of university requirements in addition to the internship? If so, please explain what your project will be and how you forsee GCI staff being of assistance in this respect.
When do you wish to arrive and how long do you wish to stay?

2. A CV/Resumé:

Work history
Volunteer experience
Skills and expertise

If you have any questions about the internship please email us at this address: