National Internship

This page contains information for Cameroonian interns. Interns from abroad should see the International Internships page.

From the organization’s beginning, GCI has operated a strong Cameroonian internship program, open to university students, local professionals, and qualified individuals with a strong interest in human rights work. National interns play an important role at GCI, lending their work experience, creativity, and knowledge of Cameroonian human rights issues to further the organization’s programmes and services. An internship at GCI for Cameroonian citizens is also a great opportunity to learn and promote the resolution of human rights issues, especially those facing Cameroon today.

Basic Requirements for Cameroonian Interns:

  • Cameroonian citizenship
  • Willingness to stay for three-six months, unless otherwise agreed
  • Ability to work independently within a team and to drive projects forward with minimal supervision
  • Ability and motivation to contribute effectively to both the organization’s field work and office responsibilities (both are vital to GCI’s success)
  • A general understanding of human rights and the desire to learn more
  • Adherence to the confidentiality of sensitive information pertaining to GCI’s work
  • Respect for the copyright nature of all written documents prepared by interns, all of which shall be the property of Global Conscience Initiative
  • Fluency in spoken and written English
  • Computer literacy

GCI National Internship Fee:

As a local NGO, Global Conscience Initiative cannot pay interns for their office placements and field work. Interns are expected to fund their own transportation, housing, and living expenses during the internship period. In order to cover administrative and field work costs, GCI charges a fee of 10,000 CFA for each intern.


If you wish to apply for any of the aforementioned national internship positions, please send your CV and a letter of motivation to GCI, according to the following guidelines.

1. A Letter of Motivation:

Please include the following information:

– Why you want to intern with GCI?
– Which internship do you aspire to have?
– When you wish to arrive and how long you wish to stay?
– What specific skills and experience you will bring to this project?

2. A CV/Resumé:

– Education
– Work history
– Volunteer/intern experience

Email these to If you have any questions about the internship please email us at this address: . Applicants should state their nationality clearly on their application.