“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” -Fredrick Douglass

GCI took part in an event organized by CFDP (Cameroon Football Development Program), which involved the participation of several football teams from different schools. This NGO aims to teach life skills (like leadership, fair play and gender equality) through football.

Justin's phone 011Keeping in mind the idea that children learn best when taught through a game, GCI’s staff organized a quiz on the right to education and gender equality.

After discussing the right to education in Cameroon and giving some information on its protection under the Convention on the rights of child, we skipped to the topic of gender equality focusing on the essential difference between gender and sex. Realizing that there isn’t any hinder for women to drive an okada (motorbike) or be elected president and for men to cook and do laundry for these children is not as difficult as it is for their parents. Sometimes in Cameroon, the feeling is that people are too stuck where they are, even though they know that something doesn’t work well, they feel too attached to the culture thJustin's phone 040ey were raised in making a change seem like someone else’s business. But having the chance to interact with these young men and women leaves open the possibility for Cameroon a chance to move forward.