Message from Board Chairman, Barrister Pende E. Nelson

There is no human rights without freedom from hunger.

There are no human rights without freedom from poverty, hunger, disease, ignorance, illiteracy, and oppression—vices which contribute in reducing human dignity and worth. Governments have the mandate to protect these ideals with a goal to improving and making life more meaningful. The challenge is to fight these vices within the framework of the rule of law, the establishment of community based projects and the political framework which will translate theory into action and transform society.

At GCI, we provide a forum and leverage whereby human values can be improved through the elimination of corruption, dishonest conduct, and decadence of every manner. We build on the philosophy of good governance, accountability and transparency and invite governments, agencies, and free-minded people to join us on this trail.

Barrister Pende E. Nelson

Kumba, Cameroon