NCHRF Reports on Prison Condition

IRIN News reported on the National Commission of Human Rights and Freedoms survey of prison conditions in Cameroon. The NCHRF found out that human rights conditions in the prisons are deplorable. GCI is pleased that other organisations are involved in identifying and publicising the human rights problems facing prisoners. We visited the regional delegation of the NCHRF, but we were unable to get a copy of the official report. We will try to get it in the future.

For years human rights watchdogs in and outside Cameroon have decried prison conditions in Cameroon. While there have been isolated cases when authorities tended to grave cases of illness or excessive pre-trial detention flagged by rights groups, much remains to be done, CNDHL [NCHRF] member Eva Elangue told IRIN.

“Genuine, perceptible progress will take more funding and more political engagement,” she said.