New Year, New Beginnings

The turnover into 2012 brought GCI a fresh start in moving forward,building on the valuable progression made in 2011. Now, with new interns and a jumping off point with nowhere to go but forward, GCI is ready to make the next jump in the development of Human Rights and the encompassing battles of corruption, transparency, and gender equality along the way.

February brought the onset of a new staff: three new international interns two of which are designated for the CAMs Project and one who has taken on the task of reinstating the Prisoners’ Rights Project, two national interns, and a new secretary. With a new staff, new ideas are taking shape daily as they work together to tackle the issues before them.

Within a few weeks, the new CAMs interns visited the community of MofakoBekondo to evaluate the progress and changes made from the efforts of 2011. From what GCI has seen thus far, nearly all recommendations from GCI have been implemented – a huge achievement. Some of these adjustments include the conduct and organization of the council as well as their vow to a transparent budget. The meeting GCI attended was carried out with the intention of announcing these changes to the entire community in hopes of greater participation in the decisions for the well being of everyone.

This week, the CAMs interns will conduct an evaluation of the community’s response towards the council’s adjustments. Once they talk with the community, they will have a better picture as in which direction the project should expand. It is already apparent from the previous evaluation that further work needs to be done in the area of gender equality and youth development.

GCI has come this far and must now push for further community engagement and expansion to the youth in order to maintain a widespread all encompassing human rights solidarity in MofakoBekondobefore moving on to a new village.

As previously stated, the New Year has also brought the restoration of the Prisoners’ Rights Project, for which GCI has much enthusiasm in the impact it is very capable of making. Still in its early stage of re-gathering data and collaborating with the team of barristers to create a plan of action, the designated intern is well equipped and suited for the position. She has a meeting with the State Council next week to try and gain access to the Kumba prisons, a necessary step in the data collection for the sitting cases of prisoners’ rights violations.

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