Prisoner’s Rights Project UpDate

We have been very busy these last few weeks. We have organized several film presentations with local secondary holiday programs. We have done one presentation at CLABIC. We have one presentation at St,. Anthony’s on Friday the 20th of July at 12pm. We also have a presentation at St. John’s on Wednesday the 25th of July. And lastly we have a presentation at CEFES on Wednesday August 1st. These presentations are centered around the film Rabbit Proof Fence. We discuss human rights and how to know when y our human rights are violated.

We are also busy with a local case involving SNEC and the Mbo-Barombi village. We are busy with our weekly radio show. We hope to travel to Buea to present out Prison Conditions Proposal and to soon get access to the prisons.

One of our co-workers has gone on holiday (Wase) but we have gained a new and energetic Cameroonian co-worker (Keline). Tings in the office are running smoothly and we hope that more people come in to discuss and report human rights violations with in the local community.