Human Rights Monitoring and Advocacy

The Human Rights Advocacy Programme is an important component of GCI’s work. By launching campaigns to advocate for the promotion of social justice in the Southwest Region and throughout Cameroon, GCI aims to both instigate an end to abuses and to seize the opportunity to improve on areas like women’s rights and civil liberties. In our Advocacy Campaigns, we hold awareness events and educational seminars to inform specific interest groups as well as the general public about a particular issue. We also write letters to and meet with relevant officials, publish newspaper articles and editorials, hold radio broadcasts, and release informational publications.

Current Campaigns

Currently, GCI is not running any human rights advocacy campaigns. Check back soon for new updates!

Previous Campaigns

– Stop the Cameroonian Bar Council from Provoking Violence Against Lawyers

– End Unfair Bail Fees and Illegal Detentions in Kumba

– Petition Cameroon’s Prime Minister on the murder of students demonstrating in Buea and Kumba

– Stop Family Evictions from Douala’s Industrial Zones

– Stop the Zimbabwean Arms Shipment

– Compensate Victims of Kumba’s Forced Evictions

– 2011 Preseidential Elections Monitoring – The 2011 Presidential Elections have been a highly-anticipated political event in Cameroon. However, with the elections lies the potential for human rights violations, disregard of civil liberites, voter fraud, and even violence. GCI is staunchly advocating for a peaceful, fair, and free elections process in 2011, a goal that can only be achieved with the help of the government, politicians, community leaders, and ordinary citizens alike. Click here to read more.

Human Rights Quiz

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