Bombe Bakundu

Bombe Bakundu is a large village of between 4000-5000 villagers. It is situated approximately 25km South of Kumba, along the Buea Road. Farming is the main source of income in the community.

the Council Hall at Bombe Bakundu

The Council Hall at Bombe Bakundu


Current status: Phase 4 – impact evaluation


– November 2013: Evaluation phase started

– October 2013: Phase 4, Impact Evaluation initiated

– June – September 2013: Phase 3, Workshop Series

– March – May 2013: Phase 2, Needs Assessment

  •        Update 12/04/2013: The CAM project has been progressing along two fronts. Firstly, in Bombe Bakundu the CAM’s timeline is in full swing. For the past two months the team has been conducting interviews with the Chief, the Traditional Council, and a cross-section of other community members. The data gathered is being used to gauge the levels of access to justice, participation, human rights, and governance in the community. This constitutes the second phase of the timeline, upon completion of which a full series of workshops will commence, tailored to Bombe’s specific requirements. More information regarding the staging of the CAM project can be found here.

– February 2013: Phase 1 of the timeline, Meet and Greet

– December 2012: Sensitisation workshop

Canada interviewMax interviewLea interviewGiorgia interview

International Interns (from top left to bottom right) Jessica Russell, Max Perry-Wilson, Lea Barbezat, and Giorgia Testoni interviewing council members in Bombe Bakundu.

workshop ontransparency and accountability

workshop on transparency and accountability
graduation cerimony at Bombe Bakundu Community
Graduation cerimony at Bombe Bakundu Community