Education and Training

Igorance of human rights standards is one of the leading reasons for the abuses running rampant in Cameroon. Little or no training facilities or opportunities exist for human rights trainings, and the consequent ignorance especially on the part of the populations makes them abuse human rights and remain vulnerable to abuses by authorities. GCI’s Human Rights Training and Education educates and trains community leaders, political authorities, and interested citizens on topics such as mob justice, corruption, and prisoners’ rights. GCI aims not only to spread awareness of these issues, but to empower its target groups to improve such conditions in Cameroon and around the world.

To arrange for a GCI Human Rights Training and Educational Programme for your organization, government sector, or professional group, please contact our Kumba office. We are excited to work with any logistical or organization needs.

Target Groups for Educational Programmes:

  • Parliamentarians and public policy makers
  • Service-providers in public agencies, including prison workers
  • Government departments such as police, immigration, army, and prisons
  • Judges, magistrates, and barristers
  • Journalists
  • Local District, community, and religious leaders
  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Researchers and students

Objectives of Educational Programmes:

  • Build a culture of peace and human rights in Kumba and Cameroon.
  • Equip authorities with knowledge on human rights
  • Improve the capacity of government to handle human rights situations in accordance with international standards and the Constitution of Cameroon
  • Ensure respect for the rule of law
  • Eliminate the incidences of jungle justice in communities
  • Identify problems faced by both populations and government representatives.
  • Foster increased networking between police, gendarmes, NGOs and communities.

Training Topics:

  • Introduction to Human Rights
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Human Rights Law, Policy, and Practice in Cameroon
  • Human Rights Law and the Cameroonian Constitution
  • Human Rights and Law Enforcement in Cameroon
  • The Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement
  • The Rights and Obligations of Refugees and IDP’s
  • Prisoners’ Rights in Cameroon
  • Gender Equality
  • Civil Liberties

GCI Testimonial: Education and Training

“I’ve known [GCI] for seven years and I have worked with them since then. I’ve attended the workshops concerning the Kumba Prison… I now know about human rights regulations in Kumba and Cameroon as a whole, which has helped me as a worker in the Court. This is a good organization which has enlightened the population and about human rights.”
-Mr. Bila Joseph

Chief of Bureau for Judicial Affairs

Legal Department, High Court, Kumba