Mr. Ndelle Peter – Division Delegate for Labor and Security

GCI’s staff choose to interview Mr. Ndelle Peter, Division Delegate for Labor and Security for Meme Division, as the “Big Man” of the month, given the importance of the issues risen during the 1st of May celebration.

Ndelle PeterThis year’s topic for Labor Day was “decent work and fight against corruption”. It is a central issue considering that corruption is one of the biggest problems affecting Cameroonian institutions. The topic was introduced by the government, which brainstormed with the social partners for ensuring that the message could be welcomed by all parties and be successfully received by the whole audience.

The prerequisite for fully understanding this main topic is a general overview of the relevant Cameroonian laws. A quick glance to social security rules is mandatory: the Cameroonian Labor Code provides that every worker should be registered and ensured for the protection against industrial accidents, diseases, disabilities and guarantees family and maternal allowances and pensions.

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