Time to get started: the beginning of the workshops

The Community Arbitration and Mediation (CAM) project keeps going. We entered into the most important phase of the curriculum: in the next weeks GCI’s staff will hold several workshops in Bombe Bakundu Community on different topics for improving the work of the Traditional Council. Referring to the needs assessment, the first topic chosen for the workshop was transparency and accountability.  A common statement by the community members is: “how can I know about their work? I’m not a member of the Council”.

The workshop focused on the importance of transparency as a fundamental value for developing of the entire community but also as beneficial for the work of the Traditional Council itself.

The workshop was structured DSC01656in 3 phases. Firstly, an icebreaker aimed to point out the importance of being aware of all the rules in advance in order to achieve our goals in the best way possible. Secondly, a lecture on the concept of  transparency and its importance. There are 3 essential reasons why we should strengthen this principle in our every-day activities: it fights corruption, it increases accountability and it builds trust between the government and their citizens. But, what is a workshop without some practical tips? So, finally, GCI’s staff and the participants discussed how to put into practice such concepts, for instance, holding general meetings for informing the community members on the work of the Traditional Council, the rules and the criterion adopted or allowing the community members to view the Traditional Council’s written reports.