UB Students begin internship with GCI

University of Buea students begin internship with Global Conscience Initiative.

For the past two weeks, Global conscience Initiative welcomed the presence of 08 interns from the University of Buea. The said students are from the Faculty of Social and Management sciences and from the department of Sociology and Anthropology/the department of Women and gender studies/Law. They are Mebune Glory, Emade Ivis, Ebude Gwen, Morfaw Olive, Iranus Emeka, Ogork Maglinette, Tienang Carine and Mbi Pauline Egbe.

On their first week of internship, they did read over all works carried out in the office. That is the past and present programs of Global Conscience Initiative. They also received complaints from those whose rights have been violated and reported to our office. Video teaching on Human Rights like the film “Rabbit proof fence” was projected for them to become aware when Rights as humans have been violated. “Pray the devil back to hell”, is a gender based violence video about Liberian women who fought for their rights. Their first week was characterized with the interns writing their motivation letters to the Executive Director of GCI, expressing why and how they chose to intern in GCI, including also their expectations for the internship in GCI.