University of Buea students on internship at Global Conscience Initiatives (GCI)

Global conscience initiative is an NGO in Kumba, aim at protecting and promoting human rights of citizens. As a tradition, GCI receives students during the summer holidays in different departments from the University of Buea to blend the theoretical part in school and the practical part at the organization as they carry out internship.
Those present for the internship are Njana Theodora and Ewet Bawa from the women and gender department, Enow Doris and Namah Sabina from the Sociology and Anthropology department as well as foreign interns from Europe and United States of America willing to contribute immensely and take part in the different projects of the organization.
The interns will have the opportunity to take part in different projects such as; the Community for Arbitration and Mediation (CAMs) project aimed at improving on the timelines and quality of dispute resolution as well as to improve gender equality through political participation and social leadership to make sure that every one gets the right he deserves according to the rule of law. Moreover, interns are able to give express their opinions and make contributions during programs like Human rights hour at Lake Site radio every Monday 6-30pm and Human rights and Society at Ocean city at 2pm every Thursdays where sensitive topics of our society like corruption is being look into.
The interns are looking forward to better activities and projects in the organization as well as inviting volunteers and contributors to take part in the fight for human right or to contribute in their own way through our website or join us at our facebook page gcicameroon269@gmail .com and you could follow us on twitter through
By Njana Theodora