Women’s Day in Bombe Bakundu

March 8 was International Women’s Day, an event that is always widely celebrated throughout Cameroon. GCI’s female staff were invited to join the women of Bombe Bakundu where several events had been organized around this year’s theme: “Elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against the woman and the girl child”. Following a presentation about the different forms of violence women face and what can be done about it, presented by a women’s group from Bombe, GCI gave a presentation about Women’s Rights. The presentation highlighted the importance of political participation for women and invited the audience to take part in the workshops that the team will be conducting in the community throughout the coming year.
Following a more serious morning, the day became more light-hearted; full of songs, games, laughter and last but not least, beers. Celebrations continued in the Council Hall where traditional meals were served. Unfortunately, heavy rain and a power cut disrupted some of the evening’s festivities, and the GCI team returned to Kumba to partake in the larger celebrations that were ongoing.

GCI is really thankful to Bombe Bakundu’s Women Group for the invitation!

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