The Global Conscience Initiative strives to create a network of individuals, firms, and organizations committed to promoting and protecting human rights at a local, national, and international level. Apart from our projects, our education services, and our social justice advocacy, we seek to facilitate such connections through pro-bono partnerships, NGO-to-NGO collaborations, and organization membership.

Pro-Bono Partnerships

As part of its legal assistance service in its Drop-In Centre, GCI refers victims and complaintants of human rights abuses to its pro-bono partners here in Kumba; these partners offer invaluable legal support to GCI’s constituents. Given the large amount of human rights cases here in Kumba and the dire need for affordable legal counsel, GCI invites any local law firm or individual barrister to join us a pro-bono partner. If interested, please contact our office via phone or e-mail.

NGO-to-NGO Collaboration

Human rights issues in Cameroon are difficult to tackle alone. GCI seeks out any NGO based either in Cameroon or internationally to collaborate on pertinent projects like gender equality, prisoners’ rights, and mob justice. Please contact our office through phone or e-mail if your organization seeks to partner with GCI in tackling Cameroon’s most pressing social justice issues.


Membership with the Global Conscience Initiative is open to all individuals or groups passionate about human rights and supportive of such initiatives throughout Cameroon. Becoming a member of the GCI family will not only endow you with specific memberships benefits, but your contribution and support will directly aid our grassroots mediation programs, our advocacy campaigns, and our community outreach throughout the vulnerable populations in the Meme Division and beyond.

Ordinary membership

Subscription: FCFA 5.000 (US$ 10.00) for one year
Ordinary members constitute the bulk of GCI members. Ordinary membership is open to any individual who supports the mission and work of Global Conscience.

Group membership

FCFA 50.000 (US$ 100.00) for one year.
Those eligible for group membership include communities, clubs, civil society organisations, schools, unions and other bodies of more than one individual willing to support and forster the work of Global Conscience Initiative. Groups present reports of their activities to the Board of Directors and participate in the Global Conscience decision-making process.

Board membership

FCFA 50.000 (US$ 100.00) every year
Board Members fund the activities of Global Conscience Initiative. Their subscription goes to cover rents and maintenance, and a minimum stipend for staffs and volunteers in the absence of outside fundings. Board members directly oversee the smooth operation of the Executive Secretariat and meet in extra-ordinary sessions to take major decisions of the organisation.